Arrived at the marina and first of all we set up our tenya fishing gear. Once done we move out to our 1st fishing spot in southern water hoping for non-stop actions. Drifted a few times bouncing up and down without getting any bite. Lines up – we move to another spot nearby and finally, we got bites.

From bottom rig to Tenya fishing

I personally started with bottom rig before I was introduced to Tenya Fishing setup. Seriously I have no confidence to catch any fish using tenya method back then. Our friend Edmund started with his bottom rig. His catch rate was no match to us who was using tenya. We ask him to change to tenya jig and as a result, his catch rates finally improve. He is happy and keeps on catching fish like the rest of us. Yes, he loves bouncing became tenyaian lol.

Tenya Fishing is productive

It was a good start at that second spot where we had triple hook ups on sweetlips on tenya. We also had double hookups but only manage to land 1 fish. We were at the right spot and right time I guess. Everyone was happy to get some plate size Spanish flag, greasy grouper, sweetlips and parrot fish.

Lines up – we move to another fishing spot and we were greeted by big parrot fish that were hungry on that day.

 Having fun during Tenya fishing trip

We also had sashimi during the boat fishing trip with our catch (parrot fish). Darn, it was awesome! We can’t help it but have a second round of sashimi.

My friend Fendi, broke his rod because he lifted the rod to high up (hi stick). Teamwork with Edmund & Fendi they managed to land the fish on a 2 broken pieces rod. It was hilarious. Remember do not over stress your rod.

Yusoff caught a 7 pounder parrot fish and he was the winner for season 1.

Come join us for the tenya Fishing Charter Singapore fishing trip. Lookout for the invitation on our reel-x tenya fishing facebook page.

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