Short Tenya Fishing Trip, How It Started

I had Nasi Lemak for breakfast at Changi Village this morning and boy, it was good. While eating, I saw some anglers wearing nice custom fishing jerseys buying their packed lunch to bring on board their Tenya fishing charter Singapore trip. I cannot tahan lah looking at them so eager and happy to go fishing, so I called my kakis 😉 .

Two of my kakis then join me for breakfast, and I slowly sweet-talk to them and ask them join me for a short tenya fishing boat trip. Yes all three of us agreed to go on a quick boat fishing trip!

Getting Ready For The Tenya Boat Fishing

Walking at a fast pace, we headed to the tackle shop nearby. I grab a couple of wire leader (I will post an article later) and 200gm of live prawns for $7. (You can get cheap prawns from a fishing buddy at $3 per 100g if you order in advance).

Saw my regular ice man delivering ice to the stores at Changi, called him “Lau Pan, one bag of ice kachang ice for me”. Paid him and we walk to our vehicle. After loading, we drive off to Sentosa.

After 15 minutes of driving, we discovered that we left the live prawns at the tackle shop! Lol had no choice we make a drive back to the tackle shop and collected the live bait.


Heading Out To Our First Tenya Fishing Spot

Once arrived at the marina and we unpacked the live prawns to the bait well. Setup our tenya fishing gears and off we go.

Shortly we arrived at the favourite fishing spot, ok lines down we started to drift. Less than a minute “Fish On” shouted Isman, on his first drop! Alamak at that time I and another friend line got sangkut so no video for him. I grab another cha cha Tenya rig size 12 and my personal favourite colour pink and we go back to the starting point.

Our sounder (fish finder) showed plenty of activity below the boat, Lines down and next I shouted “Fish On” 😉 . I was on fire, landed 8 pieces and burst twice and we also had a double hookup. The fish were hungry and we were at the correct fishing spot at the correct time.

We finish the bait sooner than expected. Headed back to the marina clean up and we proceed to the restaurant for our lunch.

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