It was just a normal Sunday morning and we had an early breakfast near Jalan Sultan. We had bone steak (tulang merah), mee goreng and kwey teow goreng. It was a heavy breakfast. During the breakfast, we shared some of the best tight lines moments during the previous tenya fishing boat trip and wanted somewhat similar to happen on this trip.  Once done, we proceed to collect our live prawns.

Preparing for the tenya fishing trip

Arrived at the marina and it was still dark. Unpack the live prawns to the live baitwell and crush ice to the cooler box.

Everyone was busy setting up their own light tackle. My setup for this trip, Graphiteleader Indivi rod and Shimano conquest 210. I use PE 1.0 and Toray size 3 fluorocarbon leader. As for the Tenya, I picked size 12 Palms ChaCha (The Dancing Tenya) Pink my favourite. For more information on tenya fishing setup and recommendations, you may take a look here.

First light tenya fishing boat trip 

It was less than 5 minutes for us to reach the 1st fishing spot on the southern island. Lines down said cpt Ron. Fish ON! Oh no! Line burst! What a start. The wind was strong and we were drifting fast. Lines up and we went back to the starting point. 

Landed a few small fishes and the wind was getting stronger so we decided to move to another tenya fishing spot. 

Arrived at the fishing charter Singapore location and we drifted a couple of times but there was no bite. We change to a few fishing spots but still was not getting any bite.

It was one of the toughest day and all of us work really hard but still no luck. Ok, last spot said the skipper. We arrived and started fishing once the skipper said lines down.

Fish On! I could hear the drag screaming at the bow of the boat. His rod was on bended knees 😉 At last, some action I said. It was a good fight and managed to land the golden snapper abt 2kg. Nice catch!

Lines Up said Cpt Ron. We move back to the starting point and started fishing. Fish ON! This time it took my tenya setup. Was a hard fight and landed 1.5kg sweetlips. Phew, what a day. 

We landed a few more fishies and call it a day. The Fishes was not biting in the morning and we, as a result, get a happy ending at the end during this tenya fishing boat trip!

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