Are you hooked to Tenya Fishing or just trying to start? Well, it does not matter. Many have asked for Tenya Fishing Setup recommendations. First of all, Tenya fishing is for light game originated from Japan so-called improvised version of Hongkong hook that comes with assist hooks and various colours. You are here to find out about tenya setup. I have recently meet Faz from fishing buddy and chatted with him. In this video, he shared different types of options available for an ideal tenya setup that may finally meet your budget.  

What are we targeting

Know your game is the key to have a proper setup. Are you going for the heavy or light game? Depending on what you are targeting, these setups are different. In Singapore out of 10 boat trips, we may only see 3 catch report that has 3 pieces of catches that weight 5kg in a single fishing trip on our local waters. The rest are what local call table size (plate size) fishes. So for our local waters, the most tenya fishing productive catches are between 1kg to 3kg. Therefore light tackle set up is my preferred choice. 

Ideal Tenya setup checklist

For the light game, we use tenya size from 20g to 80g and the heavy game starts from 100g to 250g. First of all, you need a good sinking PE line, reel size up to 4000, light tackle rod for up to PE0.8 to PE 1.2 to start.

An entry level rod starts from $200. Hence start by getting an entry-level setup and upgrade once you are comfortable. Above all, you may rent a set from me at $35, yes not joking, of course, must bring me along for the fishing trip Singapore. Finally, check out the video for more information on the tenya setup. 


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