Went out on a short fishing trip, to try out the Nikko Soft Baits that was given by Faz from FishingBuddy. Thank William & Faz for the gift.

I was given an 8″ Octopus – UV Solid Red Black Flake. UV fluorescent, scented, floating soft baits from Nikko. So I called it Project Faz.

First Time On Nikko Soft Baits

I have never use any Nikko Soft Baits for my fishing trip. Looking at the 8″ Octopus – UV Solid Red Black Flake makes me want to try it out as soon as possible. So I contacted my kakis and arrange for a short fishing boat trip.

Went for a nice breakfast at Changi Village. Once done with our breakfast, we went to the tackle shop nearby to grab some assist hooks & live prawns. Just in case the fish don’t eat the soft bait so I can use live bait.

Getting Ready With Nikko Soft Baits

Nikkor Soft Baits8″ Octopus – UV Solid Red Black Flake was the only 1 pcs I have, so better not lose it. Bought a size 7 ball sinker and inserted to the top head of the octopus. Insert my leader through the 8″ Octopus and tie it the assist hooks (for madai). That’s all and off we go. 

Off we go to the usual fishing spot on the southern island. I was on the Nikko soft baits while my other kakis on Tenya with live prawn. Lines down said Cpt Ron. Tried a few times but the fish did not take the tenya and nikko soft baits. Lines up and off we move to other spot.

The fish was not bitting well but we did not give up. Shortly Isman caught the first fish on tenya. Nothing on Nikko yet, so I still keep on bouncing like the way I do tenya. Again fish on said Isman, it was his second catch of the day and I have nothing.

Bouncing the Nikko soft baits up and down on my GraphiteLeader Protone slow fall rod and patience is what it takes 😉 . On the third spot is where I caught my first fish on a soft bait! It was a good fight and I was very happy to land a coral trout! 

I will be using this Nikko soft baits on tenya jigs on future fishing trips. Do look out for the catch report.

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