Recently I went out for a Tenya fishing trip Southern Islands with my family and friends and all of us had fun.

As usual, meet up at Changi Village for breakfast. Some of us have nasi lemak, lontong and mee siam for breakfast. I also did pack some epok epok sardine and again nasi lemak for lunch. Remember to buy me some epok epok sardine when you join us for a fishing trip.

What We Bring For Boat Tenya Fishing Trip Southern Islands

From Changi Village, we proceed to fishing buddy east branch (520 Sims Ave, #01-05) to get some Tenya and live prawns for the trip. We bought about 2.5kg of live prawns. As for the tenya, we use Cha Cha by Angler’s Republic size 10 – 14 and my personal favourite colours pink, green and red. In addition, I also bought the fluorocarbon leader by Toray.

What Size And Colour For The Tenya Cha Cha

For boat tenya fishing trip Southern Island, I usually use tenya size 10 and pink colour for start. You will need to change the tenya size from time to time base on the speed of the current and drifting. On a windy day and fast current, you may need to start with size 12.

As recommended by Faz on tenya setup you will need good sinking PE lines. I use PE 1.2 in most cases and Toray leader size 4. For the rod, I am using the invidi rod by Graphiteleader & Shimano conquest 201.

How To Tenya Fishing

Fishing Trip Southern IslandsThere are so many articles and video on this subject. So I am not going to rewrite everything in details. I will just share what I do for all my Fishing Trip Southern Islands, tenya fishing trip.

Firstly you need to seek for a bit of advice from the captain/skipper. They know the ground well than you. Don’t be shy, just ask they will be more than happy to help.

For me, I will always wait for the signal “Lines Down” or whatever commands the captain/skipper give for you to start fishing. Once I hear that I will take an additional 45 seconds before I let my lines down. Please don’t rush the captain/skipper usually stop ahead of the desired fishing spot so you will have time.

Once I hit the ground, I will reel a few cranks 2 – 3 full crank and then start bouncing for about 10 to 15 times. If there is no bite after my 15 bounce, I will release my line till it hit the ground again and I repeat the step to crank 2 – 3 full crank and bounce again. That’s it no secret.

You don’t have to hit the ground all the times, that is why I crack 2 -3 times and start bouncing. There are fishies suspended above the ground, they don’t stay exactly at the ground at all times.

Keep on bouncing, join us for the next Fishing Trip Southern Islands!

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