A fishing trip Singapore will be fun when you get lots of tight lines during the session. We anglers always have high expectations like getting the heaviest or the most catch for the day. Well, we need to work hard and know what we are doing in order to have a good catch.  Always seek advice from the boatmen.

How do you charter a boat for fishing trip Singapore

There are so many good fishing charter boat available in Singapore. Price can range from $500 to $800 or more depending on the size of the boat. You will then share the cost with your fellow anglers. On average, you will be spending around $130 per pax. Some boat charter does include drinks and baits but some do not. So you will need to ask this when making the enquiry.

Next, you will need to do some research on the boatman recent catch and reviews commonly available on Facebook. Oh yeah, you also need to ask if the boatman do the fishing method that you want.

An important item for a boat fishing trip

Ok booking is done. What’s next? This is my checklist. First, you need to check the weather forecast and bring and items like your fishing gear, bottle drink, first aid, sunscreen, disposal poncho, sunglasses, cap and personal lifevest. Why personal lifevest? Most of us spend lots of money on fishing gear but think that personal lifevest is not important. Ask yourself this, do you know where was the lifevest located on your previous boat trip? Do you know how to use them? Having a personal lifevest and know how you use it and have it worn on your body can save your own life. So if you have not invested one yet please do so.

Good ethics on boat charter is key to Saftey

Many of us are eager to start fishing when the boatman reaches the fishing spot. Kiasu and always want to drop the line first and the last one to reel up or act blur when the boatman says lines up. Stop doing this, if you are this person.

Do not drop your lines until the boatman asks to, in fact, I will always wait 1 minute later. For drifting fishing, you need to ensure that the boat has stopped or engine off and for anchor fishing, you must know where is the anchor line so you will not get tangle with it. Be the first one to drop the lines does not guarantee that you will get the first fish.

Keep your spare fishing gears in the cabin if available, place them in a proper tackle box and do not let lay it all around the deck. Take what you need and keep the spares. You do not want to step on a hook or other hazard, so practice safety.

My Tenya fishing trip in Singapore

Went out on a solo fishing trip Singapore to test out Cha Cha Tenya by Anglers Republic. Well, it was a productive day and I caught 7 pieces all on Tenya all in less than 4 hours. Hey, not everyday Sunday la bro  😉 I am lucky to be at the right fishing spot at the right time!

I started with bottom fishing before I was introduced to Tenya. By looking at Tenya rig, it makes no sense back then that I am going to catch any fish with it until I give it a try. But it took some time, hmm I would say after 4 tries before I caught my first fish on Tenya.

So what is this Tenya fishing all about? I will not cover in details where and who started Tenya Fishing blah blah, maybe I will cover that on another post. For now, it is simple just hook the prawn, let the tenya touch the seabed and bounce till the fish take your bait, yes it is that simple. BUT of course, you need to be alert and able to feel the structure below and take actions like lifting or reeling your line in if you feel or see that your line slacks else you will end up losing the tenya which will cost around $8 to $12. Wow, that is painful to your wallet.

Tenya Fishing Setup & Technique

Common questions I get, must we use proper tenya setup or just use whatever rod that we currently have. Let me share a story with you. I am not born as an angler I never like fishing when I was younger.

So one day I followed my friend to a tackle shop. At that time I know nothing about fishing. So I browse the items displayed at the tackle shop and saw a full set fishing rod with a reel (spool) that cost $30. A few minutes later my friend came out of the shop happy with a big smile on the face. And I ask, what did you buy? He said just a rod that cost $120. I looked at him and said are you crazy? I saw a full set for only $30 and you bought a rod for $120, you must be nuts! Lol, now then I know why he made that choice.

Ok back to the question, must we use a proper tenya setup? Yes, we need because, with a proper tenya setup, you are able to feel the sensitivity of the rod which allows you to feel the nibble and set the hook and has a fun fishing trip Singapore.

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