Fishing Boat Charter

Fishing charter boat with Captain Ron

Fishing Charter with Captain Ron
Fishing Charter with Captain Ron

On a fishing charter in Singapore, Captain Ron generally takes customers for bottom fishing (anchored or drifting) around coral reefs and shipwrecks targeting bottom feeders like snappers, groupers and breams etc. Captain Ron also takes avid anglers for topwater feeders like Queenfish, Longfin trevally and GTs where the anglers use jigs and lures.

Fishing spots

Southern Island is where most of the fishing charter boats bring their customers to fish. Namely, St Johns, Sisters Island, Buran Reef, Kusu and many more. Different fishing charter captains may have their own preferred spots.

Fish where the fishes are. Depending on the tides, current conditions, wind conditions and weather conditions Captain Ron will make the best effort to determine a suitable fishing spot for the anglers on the boat.

Fishing Tips

If you are new to fishing, take a look at our beginner’s fishing lesson.

Be patient. Always remember that whenever you are fishing, you are trying your very best to catch the fish. Unlike going to the market you can choose your fish.

Fish are more active when the currents are moving, low or high tide. Less activity at end of the tides. Always check the fishing tides table as guidance.

Pay attention when fishing around the reefs. Your line may get sangkut (snag) to the structure at the seabed. While drifting, you need to constantly perform the up and down rod’s action. Do not leave the jigs/sinkers on the seabed.

Our Fishing Charter Boat

Newly restored Classic, Grand Bank 42 Europa is our fishing charter boat. Powered by twin Caterpillar engines and measures 49.5 feet from stern to bow. She provides spaces for kids and adults to enjoy the best private fishing charters in Singapore with a maximum capacity of 10 people. Now you don’t have to leave your kids and wife at home during your fishing trip. Recommended anglers 12.

  • The spacious saloon accommodates 14 adults with air conditioning.
  • The open space flybridge accommodates 14 adults.
  • Unobstructed passway around the boat from the stern at the back to the bow with 360 degrees of fishability.
  • Large aft deck area for gathering and fishing.
  • Cooler box for your catch.

Fishing Charter Rates

Private 4 hrs Fishing Charter WIth Captain Ron

  • Up to 10 Pax $899 (Weekdays) / $1100 (Weekends)

Additional Rates For Extras

  • Additional Pax $80
  • Additional Hour $250
  • Live Prawns Per Kg $50
  • Rod Rental with Baits $60

Weekends Rates – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays in Singapore.

Shared Fishing Charter Trips WIth Captain Ron
Don’t have enough kakis? No worries, now you can join our shared fishing trip and make meet new fishing kakis.

8 am to 2 pm or 2 pm to 8 pm slots will be created by Captain Ron. Join the Whatsapp fishing group or txt 9761 6004 to get notified of the shared fishing trips.

  • Per Person $150 including baits and drinks

Membership Perks – Worth More Than $1000

  • 3 x Weekends Rates Waiver
  • 3 x 1 Kg Live Prawns (Per Trip)
  • 3 x 24 Cans Of 100 Plus (Per Trip)
  • 3 x 10% Off Total Bill (Per Trip)
  • 3 x 10% Off Shared Trips (Per Trip)
  • Special Invitation To New Fishing Spot

Perks are to be used 12 months from the date of membership purchase. On any one trip, you can use the perks once.

Example: You book a weekend slot.
You will get 1 x Weekends Rates Waiver, 1 Kg Live Prawns, 24 Cans of 100 Plus, 10% Off the Total Bill.

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