Went out to Changi Village last night for a late supper. Nothing much to choose as I arrived around 1 AM. All the nice food already sold out. Just get myself a packet of nasi lemak because my appetite changed to fresh parrot fish 😉 .  Luckily GT stills open so bought some live prawn for our early morning boat fishing trip.

Preparing The Tackle For The Boat Fishing Trip

Most of the time anglers like myself are eager to start fishing once we step our foot on the boat fishing trip. Nothing else on the mind, just want to get the first fish and then landed the most. Don’t kanchong la bro and sis.

This happened to me most of the time, now not anymore. All started when one day, I realised that having a proper setup and having a standby setup help to save time. I always set up one 1 set and ready to fish. Sadly, only when my line got snag or sangkut, then I tie FG knot with a Shimano Bobin for my leader.

There is some downtime when we do this, especially when the fishes are biting. We become more khancong and anyhow do. During this time, I will miss some good chance of catching fish because I need to re-tie the leader and prepare the tenya.

Whenever possible, bring 2 sets of tackle. Ideally, you should prepare 2 sets, ready and loaded lol. So you can immediately change to the second set should your main set caught in the snag or sangkut. Get all your tenya ready in a slit meiho container. 

I Caught Nothing On This Tenya Fishing Trip

One of the hardest day for my fishing charter Singapore trip. Tried tenya, appolo and nikko soft baits. Started with my normal tenya setup for this trip but had no luck at all. The rest of the anglers on board caught fish with tenya but not me. I changed to applo rig also no bite. Next, I use the Nikko soft baits also no luck. I even tried a combination of Tenya, Appolo Rig & Nikko I call that “Tenikopolo” also no luck! 

Other anglers landed parrot fish, spanish flag, parrot fish, grouper, ah seng and sweetlips. Not everyday Sunday I guess although the boat fishing trip was on a Sunday 😉 . 

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