Beginners Boat Fishing Lesson

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Beginners Fishing Trip For 3 Pax – Rods and Baits Included$600$650

New to boat fishing? Or just want to learn new life skills? Come and join us for a basic boat fishing lesson with your family or friends. You may be lucky to catch your fresh lunch or dinner.

Before you start fishing, firstly you must be patient. Always remember that whenever you are fishing, you are trying your very best to catch the fish. Unlike at the market, you can just pick and choose the fish you want.

Come and join us for a beginner boat fishing lesson. Even if you don’t catch any fish, you will experience a fun educational trip as well as bring back home new life skills. Bad day fishing is better than a good day at work …

3hrs includes 3 rods and baits. We will start the beginner boat fishing with the theory lesson and let you put it into practice.

What you will learn
– Nautical terms of orientation
– Cardinal direction
– Tides
– Ocean current
– Weather awareness
– Safety check
– Fishing gears (Rod and reels)
– Fishing techniques
– Fishing rigs
– Sustainable fishing